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James Stang & Jor’del Downz present: 5 Deadly Venoms: “The Scorpion”


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James Stang & Jor’del Downz present: 5 Deadly Venoms: “The Scorpion”
The dark sequel to “The Getaway” you never knew you wanted.


Continuing on the audio adventure that began with the R&B release “The Getaway”, the visionary teams up with producer James Stang to bring you “The Scorpion.” 1 in a 5 part series of EP’s by 5 different artists including Downz, making a reference to the 1978 Kung-Fu cult classic “The 5 Deadly Venoms.” Though starting off positive with a heater like “Do What I Can”, it doesn’t take too long for the EP to take more of a dark, mysterious and experimental direction once the anthemic “War with the World” ends. From the feeling of uncertainty given by the lyrics of the commercial offering “Where”, to the sad vibes in “Wondering”, which covers the subjects of isolation and regret. The EP ends with an in your face, aggressive closer “Carried Away.” Listening to the second release in this unexpected change of style and sound for Downz, it’s also noted that the R&B style of vocals weren’t as favoured as the more fitting rock style over the beats provided by Stang for this release, making it another unique offering in Jor’Del Downz’s ever growing catalog.





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5 Deadly Venoms

  • Do What I Can

  • War With The World

  • Where

  • Wondering

  • Carried Away


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