JorDel Downz (born Jordel Downey, January 22, 1990), is a producer,

beatmaker, rapper, singer songwriter and

percussionist. His love of music is apparent as he has a ha

nd in every part of the process it takes to create it.


Hop is his first love and he wears the hat of vocalist, pr

oducer and recording engineer proudly. Born and raised

in the small town of Sudbury Ontario Canada, Hip Hop is not

common in these Canadian parts allowing Jay to

be untainted in his own creative sound.

He was diagnosed with Retina Pigmentosa at birth, totally

blind until 4 years old at which time he gained back

over 50% of his sight in both of his eyes. Despite his con

dition it was evident JorDel was destined to be an artist

from the early age of 5 when he would play his toys as ins

truments. He was sent to a residential school for the

blind in Brantford for a decade starting at age 10 where he took

drum lessons in high school for 3 years and

performed lead vocals for high school rock/punk/metal bands.

Inspiration came from his family bloodline as there are t

alented and dedicated artists who exposed him to music

in many forms from an early age. Being the youngest of 3

children (2 older sisters) and living with his Mother

he was exposed to R&B artists such as Jodeci, Keith Sweat &

TLC and now draws his inspiration from industry

hip hop icons Eminem, Tech N9ne, Andre3000 and DMX

Downz began his artistic journey rapping at the age of 14 with

his childhood friend T Cross, recording demos,

until they parted ways musically years later. Towards the

end of their time as a duo, he moved to London,

Ontario, and attended Fanshawe College in 2010 with plans to go in

to the music industry course. Instead, he

dropped out and focused solely on his music when he began wor

king for recording studio Streetscape Sounds in

2011. Everything he needed to learn musically he did at Streetsca

pe Sounds, mastering how to make beats and

continuously upgrading his craft with the microphone.

In 2011, Downz moved frequently between Sudbury and London, Ontari

o where he joined The Northern Union

Collective. Within the years 2012 to 2014, he participated in a nu

mber of collaborations with local artists, as

well as local shows to generate a buzz throughout the city of

London and also released his first mixtape

Win or  Die

. Jay continued to work and do more shows and in 2013 he collabo

rated on a song with Slaughterhouse

famed artist Joel Ortiz, on a beat that Downz composed.

This was an epic moment for his career and drove him

to dedicate himself more to his craft.

Downz parted ways with The Northern Union collective in spring

2014 citing creative, business and personal

differences. The rest of 2014 was met with complications rega

rding an upcoming album followed by dire health

issues. After 2 weeks in a Sudbury hospital Jay decided the be

st decision was to move back to his hometown to

continue his career as an Artist. Spring 2015 Streetscape Soun

ds closed its doors and Downz is now operating

his own studio. He now has his focus directly set on moving fo

rward and building his skills behind the board to

perfect his range of talents. With this new start, he ch

anged his name from Jay Downz to Jor

Del Downz, joined

management company Iceburgh Society and has been building his

own brand successfully since. Now that

Downz has entered the Toronto scene, he joined LiveGang, a

collective of blood cousins (Jet Lyse, TWY,

Deono and Young Saige). they continue to gain quite the follo

wing throughout Ontario with the release of

several singles and music videos to strengthen


eir buzz, as well as the release of his new project

Open Your


getting closer.

 Downz has big plans to utilize his skills and talents by getti

ng into further music and business ventures and

doing more shows in as many cities as he can. With his ex

perience and intense talent there is no doubt he will

be musically pleasing his fans from many platforms of the

industry for years to come and looks forward to any

and all hard work he has to put in to make his dreams come true