About Jor’Del

Jordel Downey aka Jor’Del Downz is a well-rounded songwriter, proficient in singing, rapping, percussion
and beat making. Born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, JorDel has been honing his musical
talents since a young age. Born with underdeveloped retinas, JorDel was totally blind until 4 years old,
when he gained back 50% of his sight. Despite this condition, JorDel always played with his toys like
music instruments, showing an intuitive musical sense that has only gotten stronger.
JorDel began his professional music career in 2011 with a move to London, Ontario, where he joined the
fellow hip hop artists in The Northern Union Collective. He also began working for the recording studio
Streetscape Sounds. It was that experience that facilitated the growth that honed his mixing, mastering
and recording skills. In 2013, Downz released his first mix tape “Win or Die”, and he also produced and
collaborated vocals on the track “CMI (Count Me In)” featuring famed emcee and Slaughterhouse
member Joell Ortiz. In 2014, JorDel focused on performing live and played a variety of shows around
Canada. In 2015, JorDel released the mixtape “Still Alive”. This release caught the attention of his music
peers, and in 2016 Downz joined the Sudbury based hip-hop and multi-media crew Iceburgh Society. His
music career began to take off.
In the summer of 2016, Downz joined fellow Iceburgh artist Chezza on the “I Am” tour which hit dates
around Ontario. That year JorDel also performed his biggest show to that date, opening for Obie Trice.
Over his career thus far, Downz has also provided opening support for other notable artists including
Mad Child, Nino Bless and Fetty Wap.
2017 was an important year for JorDel. He spent most of that year collaborating with family members
musically and further developing his production abilities,
In 2018, JorDel Downz released his first project on all major steaming platforms titled “Prologue: The
End of a Beginning”. He also began speaking to students at elementary schools, and eventually
universities, to raise awareness about different kinds of blindness, something that had never held
Downz back.
“When you think of some of the greatest producers ever in hip hop history, producers such as Swizz
Beatz, Timbaland, Pharrell Williams, and Dr. Dre will instantly come to mind. One name that deserves to
be up on your radar is this multifaceted artist. Jor’Del isn’t like other producers. When he was born, he
was born with a visual impairment. Using his music as a platform to educate people and break through
stigmas, Jor’Del calls himself
‘The Visionary.’ (AARON- Foolish Dreams {blog})”.
That same year Downz released “In Downz We Trust” with fellow Ontario artists Jet Lyse, Skitso Frenic,
Rhys, Ronin, Antifrantik and Mark Jordan, as well as the single “Don’t Be Mad” with legendary and Juno
winning Canadian emcee Adam Bomb.
In 2019, Downz reinvented himself and dropped an R&B project called “The Getaway”. He also opened
for Miami heavyweight’s ¡Mayday!. As summer concluded, JorDel continues to work on a multitude of
upcoming releases as both a vocal performer and a producer. With many new music opportunities on
the horizon, JorDel Downz also plans to continue being an active member in the community, raising
awareness for blindness, and supporting and inspiring others who suffer from it. JorDel truly leads by

5 Deadly Venoms

  • Do What I Can

  • War With The World

  • Where

  • Wondering

  • Carried Away


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