Jor’Del Downz – Do What I Can

Jor’Del Downz – Do What I Can.

Jor’Del Downz – Do What I Can
Next up in the RBC Pop-Up Sessions: blind boomtrap producer and vocalist Jor’Del Downz at Science North.
Jordel Downey aka Jor’Del Downz seamlessly blends singing, rapping, percussion, and beat making. Born and raised in Sudbury, Jordel was totally blind until the age of four, when he gained back 50% of his sight. He always played his toys like instruments, showing an intuitive musical sense that’s only gotten stronger. He raises awareness about different kinds of blindness, something that never held Downz back.
His new album ‘In Downz We Trust Vol. 2’ drops August 22. #RBCEmergingArtists

5 Deadly Venoms

  • Do What I Can

  • War With The World

  • Where

  • Wondering

  • Carried Away


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