Thursday -
12:30 AM
Brooklynn 1186 Queen Street West., Toronto, Ontario M6J 1J6

Jor'Del Downz to perform with Jet Lyse/LiveGang at Indie Week

Thursday, November 9th, LiveGang (Jet Lyse, Jor'Del Downz, TWY, Deono
& Beretta Blue will rock the stage at Brooklynn on, 1186 Queen Street


Jet Lyse/LiveGang
The rap game is known for having a lot of male rappers but we all know
the women have always made their presence felt and things haven’t
changed. Introducing
Jet Lyse.

Jet Lyse was born in the East end of Toronto, grew up in Regent Park
and is of Scotian descent. Music has always been a part of her life
and having that
outlet gave her something positive to do.

She is the 1st lady of “Live Gang” which consists of her 1st cousins
Twy, Deono, Jor’Del Downz and Veli. “It’s a family thang” are words
she lives by.
Not only does she rap, she writes her own lyrics, sings, dances and
has been a trained boxer since the age of 6.

Recently she released her new smash hit Anthem #MCDGG “Mega City Diva
Girl Gang” produced by her cousin Jor’del Downz featuring her sister
Nessa available
on Youtube, iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.